Trained as a Forrest Yoga teacher under Ana Forrest, Aviva is fascinated with the body’s ability to transform and she is inspired to help others experience this evolution within themselves. She supports cultivating a deeper connection to the body and Spirit through Yoga, Pilates, TRE® and Craniosacral work. Embracing compassion, curiosity and humor, Aviva provides tender space to move from struggle and limitation, towards integration of body, mind and soul.

Finding comfort in movement, Aviva studied multiple styles of dance and played competitive ultimate frisbee. After a lifetime of physical activity, multiple injuries led her Forrest Yoga where she found renewed strength and vitality. Deeply affected by her own experiences with TRE® and receiving Craniosacral work, she completed her TRE® Certification and is currently practicing within a Craniosacral Certification program.

Her group classes and private sessions are an offering of the incredible benefits of simple techniques to address; chronic pain, physical and emotional trauma, and injuries.

She currently teaches regular weekly classes, private sessions, offers workshops and is the founder of Breathe In Love Retreats and Breathing Room Alameda.

"As we move into a deeper connection within our own body, we invite in more vitality, joy and love. Evolution is the only solution and love is always the resolution."  -Aviva Levine